What Does The 180 Program Offer?

Program Scope of Service

  • Behavior Modification Strategies for at risk youth.
  • Core Behavior Supports & Interventions for teachers (PD).
  • Cirriculum-Based Instruction aligned to common core standards in the areas of Math and ELA.
  • Response to Intervention (RTI) (Tier I, II & III) (assist and support in developing student behavior plans).
  • Safe & Supportive Schools (S3) (tailored programs meeting criterion in the areas of health, physical fitnes and attendance).

    To provide proven modification strategies that challenge students behavior, improve classroom management, and support educational professionals in developing the academic environment necessary to accelerate overall growth.
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  • 180 Program Testimonies
Superintendent Alena Zachery-Ross Muskegon Heights Public Schools
“The 180 Program is very commendable and I applaud your efforts in our district. I am grateful for your level of commitment to our students. Looking forward to continuing our work together!”
Yvonne Lewis W-A- Y West Academy (Detroit)Widening Advancement for Youth
“The 180 Program has provided our students with skills to grow developmentally. Students graduate from the program with a powerful tool-kit which empowers them with a self-awareness to make conscientious decisions and reflections on their behavior.”