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Youth Development

We provide Behavior Modification strategies for at-risk youth

Educator Training

We offer Core Behavior Supports & Intervention for teachers and administrators.


Curriculum- Based instruction aligned to common core standard in the areas of math and ELA

Behavior Plans

Response to Intervention (RTI) (Tier I.II, & III) (assist and support in developing student behavior plans)

Holistic Coaching

Safe & supportive schools (53) tailored programs meeting criterion in the areas of health, physical fitness, and attendance.


180 Program Services

Youth Training & Development

Our Services are tailored to empower students with skills to identify and manage their emotions, behavior and healthy lifestyles. Students learn to use these skills to become stewards in their schools’ community while contributing positively to their environment.

All Student behavior service are designed for Tier I, II, III students. The programs curriculum is written in alignment with the common core standards Language Arts with strands covering the areas of writing, reading, communication, and speaking and information analysis. Our direct services entail the following intervention methods; push in, pull out, whole group or small group.

Goals of Program Services

  • Challenge distorted thinking processes that result in poor behavior
  • Convince students to buy into and embrace pro-social values
  • Help students develop the ability to understand the relation between thoughts and actions
  • Help students develop critical thinking skills necessary to solve everyday problems
  • Reduce Truancy, increase college and career readiness. 
Intense Curriculum Based Services
PUSH-IN, PULL-OUT, Small Groups 
In-Class, After-School, In-School suspension, Saturday school, field trips, tutoring, and Parent University.
Student Workshops 
Fighting (beefing), use of profanity, gang prevention/intervention, pros/cons of social media, and insubordination.
Counseling Services
Substance abuse counseling, physical abuse counseling, and general counseling. 
Professional Development
Emphasis on in-class support and classroom management. core behavior support, interventions, and engagement vs. compliance. 

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