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The 180 program is an innovative curriculum-based behavior modification program and comprehensive professional development system. It is designed to provide schools with proven strategies to correct student behavior, improve classroom management, and support education professionals in developing the academic environment necessary to accelerate student overall growth.

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Behavior Modification strategies for at-risk youth Core Behavior Supports & Intervention for teachers Curriculum- Based instruction aligned to common core standard in the areas of math and ELA Response to Intervention (RTI) (Tier I.II, & III) (assist and support in developing student behavior plans) Safe & supportive schools (53) tailored programs meeting criterion in the areas of health, physical fitness, and attendance.

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“180” simply means a different direction. Based on a longitudinal study of students all of the country, I am a firm believer that change can definitely happen. It can only be evinced when we properly challenge thinking distortions that directly affect their behavior. Anyone in position to correct, re-direct and guide our youth is actually fulfilling the mathematical properties of 180°. I am 180.

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Innovative Curriculum Based Behavior Modification Programs and Comprehensive Professional development.







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